Foto: Ferdinand Krieg, Berlin: Paartherapie auf Englisch. Couple counseling (couple therapy) in English.

Ferdinand Krieg, Berlin: Paartherapie auf Englisch. Couple counseling (couple therapy) in English.

Ferdinand Krieg, Berlin. Couple counseling, marriage counseling, couple therapy.

Welcome to the official website of Ferdinand Krieg. I am theologian and Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie. I am educated in Systemic Therapy, with a solution-oriented approach (Certificate of the Systemische Gesellschaft, SG). Furthermore I am trained in Systemic Couple Therapy (Systemisches Institut Heidelberg, SIH) and in Systemic Sex Therapy (isiberlin / DGfS). I offer couples therapy for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. And last but not least I work as sex therapist offering sex therapy for couples and individuals (singles, partners).

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The systemic point of view is a fundamental principle of my counseling for straight, lesbian, gay couples and individual persons. It focuses the social system „partnership“ or „family“ as an entire structure of interactions and communication, rather than focussing individual guilt and failure of an individual member of the social system. I am interested in analyzing, understanding and asking behind the actual reason of the negativ interacting and communicating within a social system.

My job is to give impulses and moderate the sessions, the clients job is to seek for solution ideas. I want to encourage couples to try something different and new, to change their verbal and non-verbal communication within their relationship.

My counseling offer comprises:

  • Counseling for singles and individual partners.
  • Relationship counseling, marriage counseling, couple counseling (couple therapy) for English-speaking couples | or bilingual couples (English, German)
  • Couple counseling | couple therapy for lesbian couples | gay couples in Berlin.
  • Sex counseling / sex therapy for couples and individuals.

The couple counseling that I offer is not ment to replace a regular psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. My offers in english (e.g. marriage counseling /-therapy, couple counseling/-therapy) is no psychotherapy, but a counseling for persons facing social conflicts such as controversial family or partnership issues.

Typical couple counseling topics:

  • a lack of communication
  • dysfunctional communication
  • emotional and sexual cheating
  • affairs and other secret relationships
  • sexual conflicts in relationships
  • intimacy and sexuality in a couple relationship
  • planing or having an open relationship or polyamory-relationship
  • mistrust and trust among partners
  • fights and rivalry between partners
  • thoughts about separation and first separation steps
  • patchwork and family problems
  • questions from lesbian, gay and other LGBTQ* couples about sexual and couple relationships

Ferdinand Krieg

Theologian (Dipl.-Theologe). I am currently studying parttime for a masters’s degree in sexology.

Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie: Erlaubnis zur berufsmäßigen Ausübung der Heilkunde ohne Bestallung beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie nach dem Heilpraktikergesetz.

Training, further education:

  • Systemic therapist: Weitergebildet in systemisch-lösungsorientierter Therapie, Familientherapie und Beratung, zum Systemischen Therapeuten und Berater (SG); zertifiziert durch die Systemische Gesellschaft (SG).
  • Systemic couples therapist: Weiterbildung zum Systemischen Paartherapeuten (SIH), in Systemischer Paartherapie, am Systemischen Institut Heidelberg (SIH).
  • Systemic sex therapy (isiberlin | DGfS): Weiterbildung in Systemischer Sexualtherapie, zertifiziert durch die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (DGfS).


  • SG: Systemische Gesellschaft – Deutscher Verband für Systemische Forschung, Therapie, Supervision und Beratung e.V..
  • DGfS: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (DGfS).

Contact details:

Ferdinand Krieg: Email. Please note: Any appointment has to be confirmed by an email comprising your contact details (postal address, phone number, name). Thank you! Phone (cell, mailbox): 49-1577-5337371.

Further information about costs, appointments and contact details

Ich verweise für eine Systemische Paarberatung in englischer Sprache außerdem auch auf andere Angebote, z.B. auf: Ulrika McGuiganSystemic couple counseling in English or bilingual (English/German) is also offered by Ulrika McGuigan MA, MBACP Master of integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (University of Roehampton, London)(Externer Link): Website (English German) UlrikaMcGuigan. Weitere Angebote finden Sie zudem im Internet, beispielsweise über eine Stichwortsuche. Systemic sex therapists are also listet here: (Externer Link) sex therapists (ifsex).

Ferdinand Krieg

Dipl.-Theologe | Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie
Weiterbildungen in Systemischer Therapie und Beratung: Systemischer Paartherapeut (SIH) | Systemischer Therapeut und Berater (SG) | Sexualtherapie (DGfS).

Prenzlauer Promenade 190, 13189 Berlin
Telefon (mobil) +49-1577-5337371